BE Alert Vacation

Our BeAlert Vacation membership is a short-term medical emergency logistics solution for visitors to the Caribbean.

When you’re on vacation the last thing that you want to worry about is what to do in the event of an injury or sudden illness occurring. Our BeAlert Vacation membership and BeAlert app provide you with medical emergency logistics assistance throughout the Caribbean should an accident or injury occur during your time away from home.

Navigating the medical system in an unfamiliar country or coordinating a medical evacuation in the middle of an emergency can be a logistical nightmare. We aim to make your experience as seamless as possible by coordinating the medical logistics for you should the need arise.

With BeAlert Vacation you have instant access to the BahamasEvac Team and Emergency assistance 24/7 via our innovative BeAlert app.

Key Safety Features of BeAlert Vacation:


  • Instant Geolocation Technology: In distress and don’t know exactly where you are? BeAlert instantly pinpoints your location to provide rapid assistance.
  • Direct Support: Immediate connection to the BahamasEvac Team, offering expert assistance in both emergency and non-emergency situations from seasoned emergency medical care providers and security professionals.
  • Flexible Subscriptions: The visitor version of the app offers flexible, short-term subscriptions to match the duration of any vacation.
  • Assistance in Emergency and Non-Emergency Situations: Facing a non-emergent situation like a minor injury or gastrointestinal issue and unsure of the next steps? Turn to the app for guidance!
  • Real Support from Real People: Real-time assistance from experienced professionals, ready to guide visitors through any situation – Not a bot!
  • Extensive Medical Network: Access to an extensive medical network across the Caribbean, providing peace of mind no matter where your travels take you.

When you sign up for a BeAlert Vacation short-term membership, we securely compile all of the necessary information so that should a medical emergency occur we are prepared well in advance to act quickly. Not only do we assist you in getting the lifesaving emergency medical care that you need as fast as possible, but we also coordinate your care with the medical staff treating you on the ground at your destination.

Whether you are in The Bahamas swimming with the famous pigs of Exuma, on a yacht cruising throughout the Caribbean, in Jamaica relaxing on Negril’s stunning 7 mile beach, or on a cruise ship having fun with the whole family, we’ve got you covered. With BeAlert Vacation you are one step ahead in getting the emergency medical care you need!

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With a BeAlert Vacation Membership:

You know what to expect

We are with you every step of the way – we ensure that you are informed about every detail related to your care so that there are no unexpected surprises during your medical journey!


We have assisted numerous patients with a variety of medical emergencies throughout the Caribbean – we know exactly who to contact to get you the care you need as fast as possible!


Tiffany Johnson

My husband and I were on the MSC Cruise with the last stop in Nassau, Bahamas. After disembarking we found a local tour operator to take us parasailing and snorkelling to a reef about 10 minutes away from Paradise Island. I was attacked by a shark while snorkelling that resulted in the loss of my right arm up to my elbow.

There was no medical kit on the boat, so we used a beach towel as a tourniquet for my amputated arm. There was also no radio on the boat, so when we arrived at Paradise Island, we had to flag down people and get their attention for what seemed like several minutes before they understood how severe the incident was and then told us that we had to go to the main port.

Nobody from Paradise Island let anyone know on the main port that we were coming, so when we arrived, we had to go through the same process of flagging people down and getting them to realize that we needed an ambulance.

We were on that boat from the reef to the stop at Paradise Island to the main port for about 30 minutes with no tourniquet and only a beach towel to stop the bleeding. Medically, it does not make sense why I am still alive – it is only by the grace of God!