Caribbean Emergency Medical Network

The BeAlert Caribbean Emergency Network is a unique service available for FREE for all Caribbean citizens and permanent residents.

The BeAlert Caribbean Emergency Network provides you with free access to a 24/7 intake and referral hotline for all medical emergencies and health related inquiries. Our team is on standby to help connect you with the next steps in care. Whether you are unsure of which medical facility can best treat your specific medical condition, or you need to arrange an air ambulance – we will be there to help. We also assist during natural disasters by providing information and details on resources in your area.

BeAlert Mobile App access is not included in this subscription.

Benefits of signing up for the BeAlert Caribbean Emergency Network:

  • Free access to our 24/7 assistance hotline for planning next steps in emergency medical care and transport
  • Access to our network during natural disasters or other emergencies
  • Reduces steps and waives sign up fee when signing up for any BeAlert membership
  • Expedites emergency response processes

When you sign up for the BeAlert Caribbean Emergency Network, we will waive the sign up fee for any of our BeAlert memberships!

Please fill out the form below to register yourself and your family for this offering: