BeAlert Vacation FAQs

What is the BeAlert App?

BeAlert, developed by seasoned First Responders, is designed to aid individuals in both urgent and routine medical situations within the Caribbean. By linking users with the BahamasEvac team, the app facilitates swift and effective assistance, ensuring prompt help with navigating next steps in care in any medical circumstance.

BeAlert is currently available for purchase by all citizens and residents across the Caribbean and visitors to the Caribbean region, offering direct connection to the BahamasEvac Team for prompt support and assistance. Its advanced geolocation technology accurately identifies your location, significantly reducing wait times and enabling emergency services to reach you swiftly.

BeAlert is not meant to replace 911. BeAlert enhances traditional emergency services by providing additional support, geolocation tagging for faster response, and a direct line to the BahamasEvac Team.

In a medical emergency, every second counts. With BeAlert, you’re one step ahead, ensuring timely and critical care when every moment is crucial.

BeAlert Vacation for Visitors to the Caribbean

BahamasEvac is thrilled to extend the BeAlert app to visitors of the Caribbean with a version created for those visiting our shores!

This version of the app has been tailored to meet the specific needs of international tourists, ensuring a safer and more stress-free Caribbean vacation experience. The visitor version of the app is available for short-term access purchase and is customizable to the fit the length of any trip.

BahamasEvac knows that navigating the medical system in a new country can not only be difficult, but in the event of an emergency it can be incredibly stressful. The app serves as BahamasEvac’s solution to minimize stress for tourists and streamline emergency services for faster response times.

Who should consider purchasing BeAlert Vacation for their travels?

Whether you are a solo traveller, travelling with children, on a couple’s retreat, mature traveller, or have a pre-existing medical condition or injury, BeAlert is here to help – all travellers can benefit from the added safety of the BeAlert app.


I have a pre-existing medical condition – Can I still sign up for BeAlert Vacation?

Yes! We highly encourage travellers with pre-existing medical conditions vacationing in the Caribbean to sign up for BeAlert Vacation. You can rest easy and enjoy your vacation knowing that should you need medical attention, we are one step ahead in getting you the care that you need!

How does the BeAlert App connect me to the BahamasEvac Team in an emergency?

In an emergency, the BeAlert app swiftly connects you to our dedicated team at the touch of a button. Simply opening the app and holding down the button initiates an automatic phone call to us, allowing us to guide you through the necessary steps for your situation.

You must press and hold the button to confirm your alert – this ensures emergency lines stay open for true emergencies by preventing accidental activations.

Alternatively, you can reach out by sending a message, enabling us to assess your circumstances and assist with the appropriate next steps in care.

What is so special about BeAlert’s geolocation feature?

After years of experience in the field responding to emergencies in remote areas across various islands and cays, we know firsthand just how important knowing your exact location is. Reducing response time saves lives and can be the difference between life and death in a medical emergency.

The BeAlert app’s geolocation feature is highly accurate and efficient, enabling the BahamasEvac Team to pinpoint your location quickly in an emergency. This technology reduces response time significantly, which is crucial in emergency situations where every second counts.

How can I sign up for BeAlert Vacation and get the App?

Getting started with BeAlert is simple:

  1. Download the BeAlert App from your iOS or Android store.
  2. Visit to complete your registration and payment.
  3. Enter your vacation dates and input your information.
  4. Set off on your Caribbean journey with confidence, knowing BeAlert Vacation has you covered.

Is an internet connection required to use the app?

Yes – you will need to be connected to WiFi or have Data to use the app.

Does BeAlert Vacation work in the entire Caribbean?

With BeAlert Vacation you are covered anywhere within the Caribbean region with the exception of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands – currently we do not cover these locations.

How to Activate Your BeAlert Vacation Account:

Once you have downloaded the app you must visit to complete your registration and payment for the app to be activated.

Remember, downloading the app is just the first step; complete your sign-up on the website to ensure you are fully registered and receiving all the benefits of BeAlert Vacation.

Why do you need my documents and medical information when I sign up?

Signing up for tBeAlert Vacation is the first step in getting you the medical care you need as fast as possible.

When we have your documents securely on file it helps to expedite the process of coordinating care should an unexpected accident or illness occur. We are able to relay this information directly to the medical facility handling your care. This helps to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and makes for a more efficient and quicker response time.

Your information is kept private in our system and only accessed by our team should you need emergency medical assistance.

Is the BeAlert App available on both Android and iOS platforms?

Yes, BeAlert Vacation is available for both Android and iOS users. You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store!

Can I extend my BeAlert Vacation Subscription if I decide to prolong my stay?

Yes! You can add as many extra days as you’d like through the website portal should you decide to extend your vacation.

What kind of emergencies can BeAlert Vacation be helpful with?

BeAlert Vacation is your go-to resource for all medical situations, whether they’re urgent emergencies or non-urgent matters. It’s versatile enough for various incidents and injuries, whether on land or at sea. Additionally, in non-emergency scenarios where navigating the medical system seems daunting, BeAlert Vacation helps guide you to the most efficient care providers for your specific needs.

In The Bahamas, BeAlert Vacation is also valuable in various security emergencies that may require the involvement of the Royal Bahamas Police Force or the Royal Bahamas Defense Force. We collaborate closely with both the RBPF and RBDF to guarantee swift and efficient responses. Our goal is to expand these capabilities to other regions of the Caribbean in the future.

What language is the BeAlert app available in?

The BeAlert App is currently offered exclusively in English, but we’re excited to announce that additional language support is on the horizon!

Does the purchase of the app cover ground or air ambulance transport or medical care?

No, it does not.

BeAlert Vacation provides access to our knowledgeable team who then guide you through the process of next steps in care and connects you with our extensive medical network. This includes connecting you to medical assistance and evacuation support. However, the costs for ground or air ambulance transport and medical care are not covered by the app subscription and require separate payment.

Click here for more information on our services that encompass medical transport solutions.

Do I still need to call 911?

Yes! Always remember to dial 911 first during a medical emergency.

While BeAlert Vacation offers comprehensive emergency assistance and guidance, it’s crucial to call 911 or your local emergency number for immediate help during a medical emergency.


The app enhances traditional emergency services by offering extra support, including geolocation for quicker response times, and a direct connection to the BahamasEvac Team.