Medstat Reseller

BahamasEvac Services is the sole reseller in the Caribbean for the

The MedStat off-road ambulance features a fully enclosed, all aluminum patient compartment that secures a full size cot and seating for up to two attendants and a driver. The MedStat unit has three base models (MS 100, MS 250, and MS 500) that range from a basic entry level product up to a fully loaded high-end version. All these models come with an extensive list of options that gives the customer the flexibility to build the MedStat unit that best fits their needs.

The MedStat is the safest, UTV based, off-road ambulance on the market and has been extensively tested by an independent testing facility (Transportation Research Center.) In fully loaded conditions, the MedStat tile table tested to 24° and slope climbed their maximum slope of 31°, and passed all braking tests with no problems.