Welcome to Eleuthera Bahamas

we hope that you have an amazing time in paradise enjoying the sun, sand and sea and the beautiful culture of our country!

We have compiled some need-to-know emergency contact numbers and information for you below. Even in paradise accidents can happen, that’s why we created the BeAlert Vacation short-term membership – a medical emergency logistics solution for visitors to the Caribbean.

We know that navigating the medical system in an unfamiliar country or trying to organize an emergency medical evacuation can be a logistical nightmare. That’s why we have our highly trained team on standby, 24 hours a day, ready to assist you in coordinating your medical care.

By signing up for a BeAlert Vacation membership you are one step ahead in getting the emergency medical care you need!

Cover you and your family.

Cover your guests and crew.

Should an unexpected injury or severe illness happen during your vacation, when you have a BeAlert Vacation membership we help you to get the medical emergency care you need as fast as possible. We liaise with the care providers on your behalf and organize all of the necessary medical logistics. You focus on enjoying your dream vacation to the fullest – let us handle the logistics of your medical care should the need arise.

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Hatchet Bay Clinic

Hatchet Bay | Eleuthera, Bahamas

(242) 335-0091

Spanish Well Clinic

Governor’s Harbour | Eleuthera, Bahamas

(242) 333-5145

Tarpum Bay Clinic

Governor’s Harbour | Eleuthera, Bahamas

(242) 334-4102

Governor’s Harbour Clinic

Governor’s Harbour | Eleuthera, Bahamas

(242) 332-2774 / 225-1406

Harbour Island Clinic

Harbour Island | Eleuthera, Bahamas

(242) 333-2227

Lower Bogue Clinic

Lower Bogue| Eleuthera, Bahamas

(242) 335-1089

Whym’s Bight Clinic

Whym’s Bight | Eleuthera, Bahamas

(242) 334-0077

Rock Sound Clinic

Rock Sound | Eleuthera, Bahamas

(242) 334-2226 | 225-4599

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